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This is Troy. Troy knows a thing or two about the Sarasota restaurant scene. Troy is also very enthusiastic. In short, Troy has what it takes to be a fantastic tour guide. When it comes to navigating the downtown Sarasota restaurant landscape, he possesses all of the ingredients that make him the perfect leader of a Sarasota food tour!

Sarasota’s downtown landscape has been changing for a while now. Yes, it’s getting bigger and in a lot of ways better. But like every growing small/medium-sized city, it has its share of challenges too.

One thing that has definitely changed, in a mostly positive way, is the downtown food scene. There are A LOT of restaurants in the area we all consider “downtown”. And the range of cuisine types that are represented is pretty crazy for a city “of our size”. As a note, I think we stack up pretty well against cities of any size.

Here’s the challenge. You’re new in town or just visiting for a couple of weeks. Of course, you want to dine at some of our fantastic Sarasota restaurants. How do you make a good choice? That is the question.

You could stumble around the internet looking for reliable restaurant reviews. I’m talking about the ones left by ACTUAL customers; not friends and family. You can buy a Sarasota dining book! (I know a really great one!). Or you can think outside the box a little…

How about a walking food tour of downtown Sarasota? That sounds like something. Right? A little exercise, some invigorating Florida sunshine, and some food and drink. If this was a math equation, it would equal perfect!

I wanted to take it a step further. I’ve often wondered what it would be like to take a Sarasota food tour if you already knew the local food community intimately. Would it be dull? Would you uncover some hidden gems? Could you make some new friends? All questions that needed to be answered. I was determined to get them, and I’m about to let you in on what I found!

Enter Key Culinary Tours. The name pretty much says it all, “culinary” and “tours”. Not a lot of guessing is required here. These are the people that are going to get your feet on the right path when it comes to a walking food tour. Let’s get this tour on the road, shall we?

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