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Can Doing the Right Thing Really Make for Better Tasting Meat?

The growing demand for food to be free-range, cage-free and humane-certified demonstrates the consumer’s concern for the welfare of animals that are raised for food. That begs the question…Can doing the right thing still make it possible for restaurants to provide quality products and great tasting food?

In a word, Yes!

One such product is Niman Ranch, which is the only provider Mattison’s Restaurants uses for their beef, pork or lamb.

As stated on the Niman Ranch website, “In the early 1970’s, Niman Ranch was started in a small town just north of San Francisco with the purpose of raising cattle with care using traditional, humane methods with wholesome, all-natural feeds. It just seemed like the right way to do things and it caught on.

Today Niman Ranch supports the nations largest network of family farmers and ranchers – 725 and growing. All Niman Ranch livestock within their network of farms are humanely raised according to the strictest animal handling protocols.

The buzz about their beef was not just about the way that it was raised, but even more about the flavor that the meat produced. It seems that doing things the right way really does pay off with delicious meat you can feel good about purchasing.

Never Ever Makes a Difference
Not only does Niman Ranch focus on the conditions under which the animals are raised, but they have committed to Never Ever being given antibiotics or added hormones. The animals consume only 100% vegetarian diets and Niman Ranch leads the industry in sustainable and humane agricultural practices under the renowned animal welfare expert, Dr. Temple Grandin.

So, the next time you dine at Mattison’s, look for the Niman Ranch name on their menus. Chef Paul Mattison states, “We are proud to serve their products because they are delicious, but more importantly, we can do so knowing that they are the healthiest and most humane products on the market. They believe, as I do, that sustainability balances the needs we have today without compromising the needs we will have tomorrow, from an environmental, economic and people perspective.”

To experience Niman Ranch products try Mattison’s steaks, prime rib, pork ribeye and even the burgers and Spaghetti Bolognese as well as the lamb and ribs.

Chef Paul is so passionate about the Niman Ranch products and their commitment to good practices, he serves on the board of the Niman Ranch Next Generation Scholarship Foundation that provides educational funds for young people to study and learn agriculture and family farming (so they can go back and take their farms to the next level to continue the tradition of family farming).

Mattison’s serves other Never Ever Products (products that have never been given or treated by pesticides, antibiotics, hormones or additives). These products include:

• FreeBird Farm Chicken
• Joyce Farms Poultry
• Plainville turkey, ham, deli meats

For more about Niman Ranch visit For more about Mattison’s visit or call 941-921-3400.