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Mattison’s Wins Big with Herald-Tribune Readers

Mattison’s Marketing Director Caryn Hodge accepted multiple 2019 First Place and Finalist awards for Mattison’s Restaurants and Catering.
Thank you Herald-Tribune Readers!

Manatee First Place
Mattison’s Riverwalk Grille – #1 Happy Hour, #1 in Outdoor Dining

Manatee Finalist
Mattison’s Riverwalk Grille – #1 All Around Restaurant, #1 Caterer

Sarasota First Place
Mattison’s City Grille and Mattison’s Forty-One – #1 Bar with Live Entertainment, #1 Caterer

Sarasota First Place
Mattison’s City Grille – #1 Outdoor Dining

Sarasota Finalist
Mattison’s City Grille and Forty-One – #1 Happy Hour

Niman Ranch Cattle Tour

Paul Mattison tours Edelman Farms, one of the Niman Ranch producers.  Niman Ranch is one of the companies we use for all of our natural meats.

Chef Paul Mattison returns to the Bradenton Riverwalk and creates a new addition to the Bradenton food scene.

The chef and founder of the Mattison’s restaurant group recently took over the YachtSea Grille, located just steps from the Manatee River, overhauled the space and rebranded it as Mattison’s City Grille.

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Mattison’s-Dakin Dairy Pasture to Plated

Thanks to Sugar Beach Digital for a beautiful video of a special evening supported by our wonderful community and sponsors – Courtney Lauderdale of, Edible Sarasota, David Currin of Whole Foods Market Sarasota, Republic National, Marmalade Salon &Boutique, Dakin Dairy Farm, and our Mattison’s Team. Enjoy!

NASA and Local Scientists Explore Hydroponics Farming

When you think about farming… you probably don’t picture this; a drip irrigation system known as hydroponics. Jim Demler, the owner and founder of Sweetgrass Farms, is a pioneer of this system in the Suncoast community. He sits down for the first time with Ed Rosenthal and Jim Carpenter, the scientists who have patented revolutionary products that both he, and NASA, is utilizing.

Demler says, “It’s exciting to get these two guys together because one of them is the Godfather of vertical hydroponics and the other one has these amazing products that, if you can get Nasa excited, that’s what he’s doing.” “Here at Sweetgrass Farms, they don’t use any harmful chemicals or pesticides. These strawberries are so fresh you can pick them right off the tower and eat them!” Local chef and proprietor Paul Mattison serves Demler’s produce at his local restaurants. Mattison says, “It’s a clean, efficient way to grow vegetables with fabulous flavor and a much healthier product and doing less impact to the environment.” The benefits are reaching new heights. Mattison says the space station is now exploring how to grow these fruits and vegetables in space. He says the next step for NASA is to move to the Moon and Mars and colonize those areas. Mattison says, “Once they get there they’re not going to be able to come back and forth every time they need another produce run so they’re learning what they can do to grow vegetables there so that the planet can be sustainable and they can live there.”

NASA scientists are scheduled to visit Sarasota and Pineview students next month to discuss the importance of hydroponics and the future of farming. Jim Demler has donated a four-tower hydroponic system to the students of Pineview to experiment with hydroponics and growing produce. The NASA scientists are scheduled to visit students January 15th

Mattison’s Restaurants & Catering Chefs 4 Kids Wine-Pairing Dinner at Sweetgrass Farms

Chef Paul joins other Sarasota chefs and forward thinking food professionals as they help create and establish a Chefs Collaborative Chapter in Sarasota.

Chefs Collaborative is a rapidly expanding national organization that provides a forum and a platform for “like-minded chefs and food professionals across the country who care about sourcing, cooking, and serving better food and are doing their part to create a better food system.”

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Scientists Visit School Garden Started by Chef Paul Mattison

NASA scientists visiting Pine View School in Sarasota, Florida on January 15, 2016 for a presentation, Q&A, and to tour the vegetable garden set up by Chef Paul Mattison which uses a locally produced, natural fertilizer from Florikan, a company owned by Sarasota resident Ed Rosenthal. The International Space Station is currently using the same product to efficiently grow edible produce in space.

Chef Paul Mattison and Chef Steve Phelps share the spotlight as they are recognized as winners in the Chef/Restaurant category of the Local Heroes Awards 2015

Two of Sarasota’s most lauded, locally minded chefs share this category.

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Chef Paul Mattison helps Sarasota school students create a sustainable garden.

Chef Paul Mattison helps students at Sarasota’s Phillippi Shores Elementary grow and care for a sustainable garden.

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A Gulf Coast Journal with Jack Perkins

Meet Chef Paul Mattison and see what he’s cooking up. He has 3 restaurants in Sarasota County and is well-known in the community for bringing people together with his fabulous food, as well as being a contributor to charitable causes.

Sarasota County resident Jack Perkins, formerly of NBC News and A&Es Biography, hosts a monthly series Southwest Florida titled A Gulf Coast Journal with Jack Perkins and has received six Emmy nominations in 2005.

Girls Inc. TV – Girl TV Episode

Girls from Girls Incorporated of Sarasota County, visited Mattison’s Forty-One to shoot an episode on Restaurant Experience. The girls interviewed Chef Paul Mattison and also an inspirational pastry chef, Sarah Cooper. The episode will also include a tour of the kitchen at Mattison’s Forty-One. The girls learned the proper etiquette of ordering from a menu and eating at a fine restaurant.

Chef Paul on NBC’s Daytime Morning Show with Cyndi Edwards

Chef Paul Mattison does a live cooking demonstration and promotes Spirit of Sarasota organized by the Sarasota Convention and Visitors Bureau.

Syesha Mercado American Idol Viewing Parties at Mattison’s City Grille

In 2007, one of Sarasota and Bradenton’s student made it onto American Idol and was sent to California during the top 134 elimination phase. Syesha Mercado made it into the top 24 and Mattison’s City Grille started having “Viewing Parties” at the restaurant on large screen TVs and partnered with one of our local TV stations, Sarasota News Now (SNN), and one of our local radio stations, WSRZ 107.9 with Jones and Craine. The parties started on one side of the restaurant and was proud to have a crowd of about 40 Syesha fans. When Syesha made it to “the Top Three”, the parties grew to a crowd of 700 Fanishas and Mattison’s City Grille had to close the street. Access Hollywood came to Sarasota to film the party, along with many other local, regional, and national media outlets including FOX.