Mattison’s Featured Products

FreeBird Farms Chicken

Serving top quality products is one of the mainstays of Mattison’s mission and of upmost importance to Chef Paul Mattison. Knowing where the food we serve comes from, who produces it and how it’s produced is top priority. This month we are featuring FreeBird Farms Chicken. We are proud to serve FreeBird Farms Chicken in all three Mattison’s Restaurants.

FreeBird Farm Chickens are organic, antibiotic and hormone free and humanely treated. Their poultry is fed a high quality, balanced diet of vegetarian grains, fortified with vitamins, minerals and amino acids. All FreeBird poultry is raised exclusively on Non-GMO, Certified Organic grains in compliance with National Organic Program Regulations. The chickens are also treated with the upmost humane care including free roam barns, controlled temperature environments and constant access to fresh food, water and shelter. All FreeBird Farm partners are regularly audited for adherence to humane handling at the family farms, during transport and at processing facilities.

Chef Paul Mattison states, “FreeBird Farms is exactly the kind of partner we look for when sourcing top quality products. The taste is superb, the consistency reliable and knowing that the animals are treated with great care is of upmost importance to me and my team.”